Embassy International Global Ministries

  A Kingdom Networking & Training Embassy



I would like to introduce you to the ministry of Apostle Mitchell Quintana founder of Embassy International Global Ministries Colorado Springs Co. after Inspired by a Dream in 1989  God has given him a Mandate and a Vision to raise up and establish Christian Embassies and Ambassadors  in many new  Regions and Territories.

After many years serving as a pastor and moving and operating in the Prophetic Gifting  we are now seeing New Works raised up as he has entered a new dimension of service bringing order back to the House of God with a Reformation unto the Kingdom and a message of redefining the five fold position on the Earth.

Ordained as an Apostle and Ecclesiastical Bishop God has now led him through new doors of opportunity, launching him full time in an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry in many  parts of North America and the world.

 Apostle Mitchell has founded a 5 Fold school of Ministry worldwide called A.I.M. Activation, Impartation, Mobilization, A mobile training school with a method of operation to quickly equip  and develop the five fold officers  for service by launching the Operation of  Apostolic and Prophetic training in their regions

and territories. 

Mitchell  has developed the Prophetic Incubator School of Prophets in Colorado Springs Colo . which is a School of the Spirit Designed for Prophetic Students who desire to operate in Dimmensions of the Prophetic.

As a Delegate and a International Diplomat for Embassy International Global Ministries he has now Touched Grounds in North America , Canada, South America , the Carribean Islands, South East Asia and Soon This year Europe Apostle Mitchell is known for the powerful Anointing on his life for Miracles Signs and Wonders,  bringing in the Glory of God through powerful Prophetic Worship. 

He has Conducted many services and large crusades across the nations and Internationally With a mandate to shift the church and tear down Religious governments and restore the broken Dominions of God over Territories and Regions.  God has had Him Cross many Denominational lines And is Accountable to Bishop Thomas R.Gray Sr. Confirming Word Ministries, LasVegas N.V.

Also recognized by several organizations and authorities such  as Full Gospel churches, Jesus For all Nations, Apostle Garfield Frey Brampton City Church Canada, Jesus for All Nations Bishop Gadian Bing Phillipine Islands, Pastor Rampersad Felicity Revival Center Trinidad Tobego Full Gospel Churches Intl. Christian International, Victory Life Churches, Victory Outreach, Creative Faith Ministries Co. Heart of Worship Churches Intl.Assembly of God Churches, COGIC Churches.

He is also a  Ministry Covering to many sons and daughters and several churches all over the World . Apostle Mitchell has been Given a Mandate to help the church Advance and  Transition into the Apostolic Age by bringing  understanding and wisdom thru Revelation to help those who are struggling in their Individual and Corporate Identity.