Embassy International Global Ministries

  A kingdom Networking Embassy



A worldwide ministry reaching, equipping, training, covering and transforming a generation to advance the Kingdom of God through new dimensions of Apostolic and Prophetic Operations.


(Rev 11:15) Declares"The Kingdoms of this world are become the Kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ". 

This means that the kingdoms of this world are being taken by Christ and his church.

And with this powerful Mandate God is raising up and Restoring a Kingdom Government and a divine rule is taking precedence by occupying and Governing over diabolical systems in the earth These systems are called and recognized as stolen Dominions.


Our Kingdom assignment was given by divine revelation of the Spirit of God and is based upon (Rev  7:9) "there I saw a great multitude from every race nation and land", that was the beginning of the foundation to the Embassy that would sweep across many nations and would become a place of refuge and strength to Gods people in the earth.  


E.I.G.M. is now seeing great advancements as God has expanded our boarders of influence in many new regions and territories with Embassies that are connecting to the vision and mandate. God has declared that we must begin to take lands , systems  and souls for the kingdom of God and begin to express our citizenship of the Kingdom. 

The word of God declares the Earth is the Lords and the Fullness thereof , God has no intentions of giving the Earth over to diabolical forces or the unrighteous, but God's Intent was to restore man back to his original assignment which is found in (Gen 1:28)  "be fruitful , multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion".


(Psalm 115:16) says "the heavens are the Lords but the Earth has been given to the Sons of Men". God has called us to occupy. The word occupy means to engage ,employ, monopolize, take territory, possess lands and fill the void. We are commissioned to fill every void of darkness with the Light of his word.


E.I.G.M. is committed to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the World and has become a Ministerial covering to Ministers and Church Organizations Advancing the Gospel. Our heart and mission comes with weight and understanding of  the Governmental Affairs of the Kingdom and our God, anything short of that is just plain religion.

But those who have been bought by the Lamb of God are given a measure and a sphere of Influence in the dimensions of time, in which we must press on to finish our course and leave a heritage and legacy for those who will come after us .


(Psalm 94:16) says, "Who will rise up for me against the evil doers or who will stand up for me against the workers of Iniquity".


God is Looking for a Generation that is sold out for his purposes and who will make a difference by being a voice to those who have not heard the message of the Good news of Jesus Christ.



Apostolic Bishop Mitchell and Prophetess Tracy Quintana